Heat pump air too warm?

Now that the holidays are behind us, and winter is in full swing, it’s time to talk about being too warm. I know what you’re saying “DUDE, ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!” Just bear with me.

This blog is for heat pump owners (and you know who you are). If your home has an all-electric heating system with a heat pump and you notice that the heat coming out of the vents is warmer than usual, you could be in for a nasty surprise at the end of the month. Let me explain.

That warmer air could mean that your heat pump is not operating as it should, or not operating at all.

OMG!!! This is my highest electric bill ever

We have already received calls this year from customers who opened their utility bills and were shocked to find that the monthly usage was higher than ever. Sometimes, this is due to the differences between winter temperatures. This winter is colder than last year. You get the picture.

When a heat pump has reached its balance point (the temperature at which it can no longer keep up with the outdoor conditions), the back-up heating system will come on to assist.  In an all-electric system this can cost as much as 4 to 6 times the cost of the heat pump to operate, so it’s very important to your pocketbook to make sure that heat pump is kept in peak operating condition.

What can I do to keep this from happening?

Pay attention to the way your heating system is running.  As heat pump owners you already know that the air coming out of the vents is warm not hot, and that a heat pump runs a lot longer but more efficiently than an electric furnace does.

  • If the air coming out of the vents is always hot, call for service.
  • If your heat pump is covered in an inch or more of ice, call for service.
  • If your electric bill is outrageous, it’s a little late, but call for service anyway to avoid another huge bill.

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