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Will your house be warm and safe in the winter?

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Furnace or heat pump check-in around Kansas City

We all want to make sure our homes are an inviting and safe place to be on those cold days and nights.

Let one of our focused, friendly, and professional technicians take your worries away with a heating system check up.

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Our goal is to keep you cool & comfortable and educate you about the function of your heating system. If you do choose to make the repairs, and the total is more than $250.00, our check up cost of $79.00 is waived.

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Your personal technician calls when they’re on the way. At this time, we also confirm any of your preferences, such as where to park.

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Just sit back and relax while your technician uses a checklist to find any potential areas of concern with your furnace or heat pump.

No commitment.

If your technician does find an issue, we present you with upfront pricing to repair those concerns— with no obligation!

Why check what ain’t broke?

The cost range for a furnace repair in Johnson County is between $150-$900 or more. So why not make sure everything is operating normally and safely so you don’t get a big surprise later?

Be proactive; call Santa Fe today for an air conditioning system inspection in Kansas City.

Let your worries fade away!

Schedule a fast, focused, and faithful technician to keep your home warm and cozy.

Don't delay your heating system check up any longer.

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thorough and helpful

I scheduled a service call mostly because the furnace hadn’t been looked at since I had it installed years earlier and a prolonged cold snap was forecast, not because I suspected any problems. The tech (Dennis) was thorough and helpful. He took time to explain the readings and results and then suggested a couple of changes to make the furnace operate more efficiently. Very satisfied. I would recommend them to others

—Larry H. Roeland Park

I was impressed.

I was impressed. The tech came in and quickly diagnosed and fixed the issue. Immediately the furnace was working better.

—Kristine C. Gardner KS

Professional and fast service!

Thanks for getting our furnace online today with the below freezing temperatures. Professional and fast service! Thanks

—Kyndra J. Gardner KS

How to Know if you Need a Heating System Check-Up

Your furnace is making weird loud noises

There are some normal noises to be expected with your furnace, such as when it turns on and off and when it hums while it’s on. No problem. BUT there are some types of noises that should put you on alert that your furnace needs maintenance:

  • A loud BANG sound when the furnace kicks on. Maybe it startles you and the cat. Dirty burners could cause this type of noise issue.
  • Metal scraping noises while running. This is an awful sound to listen to in the home; it could be the blower wheel having an issue. Get it checked out!
  • A squealing, whiny noise. No, it’s not your kids wondering what’s for dinner. The furnace belt could cause this unpleasant sound.

It’s been over a year since your furnace has had professional maintenance

According to Energystar.gov, you need to “keep your… heating system at peak performance by having a contractor do annual pre-season check-ups.”

If you’ve been skipping an annual HVAC winter tune up (much like skipping regular oil changes for your car), you could be headed toward some serious furnace issues. Avoid this with a yearly maintenance check-in!

Your energy bill is higher than past cold seasons

Your energy bill shouldn’t have a drastic increase between this year and last year. If this is the case for you, it’s time to get a heating system check-in by a professional technician.

More on signs that your furnace needs to be serviced

Why a Heating System Check-Up is Important

A heating check-up can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

During a furnace service, your professional technician can make sure your furnace isn’t leaking carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and poisonous gas that can cause illness and death. It’s a critical issue to be aware of because of its enormous potential for danger in the home.

Why would carbon monoxide be in my home?

Furnaces use gas to create heat, and one byproduct of this process is carbon monoxide. During normal operation, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases safely exit your home via the exhaust stack.

However, your furnace can develop leaks due to overheating and normal wear and tear. If your furnace has leaks, then the carbon monoxide can leak into your home’s air.

When a technician performs a tune-up on your furnace, they’ll inspect your furnace exhaust system, heat exchanger and combustion chamber to see if you have any leaks.

Prevent expensive utility costs

A yearly heating system check-in will improve the energy efficiency of your home furnace. The reason a tune-up will improve your furnace’s productivity is because the technician will clean and lubricate all of the furnace’s parts, which makes them run better.

So your warranty isn’t voided

Most companies and manufacturers will void a warranty if the homeowner hasn’t been getting yearly professional maintenance for the furnace. This could lead to greater out-of-pocket costs for necessary repairs.

Another note: if you’ve been scheduling regular maintenance, you will need to have proof of maintenance for your warranty to be fulfilled.

More on how often a gas furnace needs to be serviced

Our Professional Technicians

Our technicians and staff have earned us excellent ratings on Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and other online platforms. Professionalism, hard work, a positive attitude, and responsiveness are what our techs are known for across hundreds of reviews. Our techs are nerds; they know and care about the details and processes to get things done right the first time.

We take the time to answer any customer questions and educate customers on their furnace tune up cost and procedures. We don’t want you to feel left in the dark at any point in the heating system check-up and maintenance of your furnace.

After your service, we don’t just say “Okay goodbye forever!” Instead, we make a list of your preferences for future service. This includes information such as wanting the same technician, pets to be aware of, and other details to customize your service for your needs. 🗒️

COVID-19 Procedures

Our team at Santa Fe Air cares deeply for the well-being and safety of our customers. Below are general procedures for what to expect during your home appointment regarding COVID-19.

  • If a technician has a known illness or is showing signs of illness, the technician is not sent to customers’ homes.
  • Technicians will wear a mask by customer request.
  • No contact: No shaking hands, technicians wear shoe covers, and clean/sanitize any surfaces they touch during the visit.
  • Technicians may request verbal permission to sign documents on your behalf to limit contact.

We ask that if you or anyone in your household is showing signs of illness to please reschedule your appointment.

Why You Should Choose Santa Fe Air

Our goal isn’t to upsell and make the most money off of unknowing customers. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our slogan “making people comfortable since 1987” makes our priorities known.

Even though 1987 doesn’t seem far off for many of us, stunningly it means that Santa Fe Air has been making customers happy in their homes for THIRTY-THREE years. That’s right. We’re in the dirty thirties club and proud of it. (We also happen to be the same age as the forever-running television show, The Simpsons– Cowabunga!) These three decades have given us the experience needed to be the best support for our customers all year round.

We want home comfort to be as accessible as possible for everyone. That’s why we prioritize financing as an option for our customers worried about furnace tune up costs. We get that heater maintenance wasn’t necessarily in your budget, but trust us when we say that this is far better for your budget in the long run. We provide low monthly payment options, short-term loans, and a full menu of other payment options. We offer furnace tune up service near you by serving areas in Kansas City, Johnson County, and more.