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Furnace Installation in Kansas City

Does your home need a new furnace?

Upgrade to a more energy efficient furnace with Santa Fe Air.

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Get your new furnace installed within 24 hours of accepting the price quoted by your Comfort Advisor.


Our highly skilled and trained installation teams want to provide you with the most efficient furnace installation possible.


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Before you know it, one of our highly skilled installation teams will be at your door installing your new furnace!

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Your Comfort Advisor asks you a series of questions to understand your needs & helps you decide what type of system will fit you best.

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Our Installation Coordinator contacts you to schedule your furnace installation.

Everything you need to know about installing a new furnace in your home.

What can I expect a new furnace to cost? 

The cost range is between $3000.00 – $5700.00 with an average cost of $3500.00. We offer monthly specials on installations, too!

Should a mechanical permit be pulled when you replace your HVAC system?

The simple answer is YES! Mechanical Permits exist for your safety. HVAC installations involve natural gas, high voltage electricity and venting. Insist that your contractor pull a permit and have the work inspected. All cities in the Greater Kansas Area require mechanical contractors to pull a permit to replace HVAC equipment.

So why do most companies skip this process entirely?           

  1. They must have a Business License for each city they work in to be able to pull the permit. There are a lot of cities in the KC area and each one collects a fee!
  2. A license requires continuing education every year. This requires time and a dedication to the trade.
  3. The contractor must be licensed, insured, and know the national mechanical codes to pull a permit. Permits cost money.
  4. A third party will inspect the job to make sure the codes were met, so there can be no cutting corners when you pull a permit.
  5. If/when you sell the home down the road, the building inspector will find the code infractions and you will be liable for the corrections before the house can be sold.
  6. Your homeowner insurance policy could require proof of a permit, should you ever have a claim.
  7. An improperly vented gas furnace can kill you from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  8. Professional contractors not only welcome inspections, they use them as a benefit for clients choosing them over the competition.

Ask yourself: who would you rather have install an HVAC system for you; a company that is willing to endanger its customer’s lives with improper installations, or Santa Fe Air Conditioning, the people who take the time to do it right?

Don’t Worry. Be Warm.

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Brad came in at the time promised; performed the job nicely and completed before it was expected.

Brad came in at the time promised; performed the job nicely and completed before it was expected. Cleaned the area and helped me put back few things back in place. Couldn’t have asked for more. I will certainly give them a call in the future.

—Ceyhun C. Kansas City, MO

Santa Fe Air is a great company.

Santa Fe Air is a great company. Nick O was efficient and honest and best of all he cleaned up any mess he made. Nice guy. Nice company.

—Marcia B. Leawood, KS

I'd highly recommend Santa Fe Air

Marco provided efficient and quality service for the installation of our furnace. I’d highly recommend Santa Fe Air & Marco for your AC and Heating needs.

—Kevin H. Olathe, KS