Enjoy Even Temperatures with Zoning System

Most of the new homes built in the Kansas City area over the last 25 years are 2 story or split level homes. The advantage of these styles is a lower cost per sq. ft. due to a much smaller lot, less roof area, and a smaller foundation compared to a ranch style house of the same square footage.

Comfort problems are very common with 2 story or split level homes.  Typically the 2nd floor will be considerably warmer than the 1st floor in the cooling season. Home owners will turn the thermostat down to try to get the upstairs comfortable while the 1st floor is freezing!

A zoning system by Santa Fe Air can make your home comfortable by your existing heating and cooling system. You will have two thermostats, one upstairs and one downstairs. Its works just like having separate furnaces and air conditioners for both floors. And as you increase your comfort you will be saving energy at the same time! We have installed many of these reliable long lasting systems over the years with great results.

Call Santa Fe today for a free consultation and evaluation to see if your HVAC system would be a good candidate for zoning.