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If you are remodeling or getting your home ready to sell, now may be the perfect time to bring your wiring system into the 21st century!

Santa Fe Air Conditioning’s technicians can:

  • Replace electrical outlets that are loose or no longer work
  • Properly ground outlets, appliances, furnaces and air conditioners
  • Whole home surge protectors to save your expensive electronics and appliances
  • Perform safety inspections to identify any changes that are needed to make your home compliant with current electrical codes
  • Install smoke detectors that are hard wired
  • Install door bells
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Trust the Expert Electricians

You should not attempt to work on electrical wiring repair or wiring updates on your own. Done incorrectly without a proper electrician in Kansas City, you are putting yourself and your home’s electrical system at risk. Trust the expert electricians at Santa Fe Air Conditioning to get the job done right.

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5 signs that your electrical outlets are unsafe

Sparks coming from the outlet

This is an obvious red flag, but it’s important to mention. If your outlet is sparking, some safety precautions to take are:

  • Shut off the breaker linked to the outlet
  • Unplug anything from the outlet
  • Call a licensed electrician to address the problem – don’t try to fix it yourself

Discoloration around the outlet

Unless it’s dirt, black or brown marks around an outlet are a cause for concern. Again, you should not attempt to fix this yourself; call a licensed electrician. Discoloration on an outlet is a sign that there is burning happening. Electricity generates heat, which causes burning.

Burnt outlets typically come from arcing. Arcing is when the metal bits in the outlet become damaged or loose, which causes it to overheat. This overheating can lead to a fire, so get the problem addressed by an electrician near you.

The outlet emits a buzzing, cracking, or popping sound

Your outlets should never make any kind of noise. Popping often occurs from an electrical spark which can lead to a blown out outlet. A blown out outlet = fire.

If you notice the sound and it goes away, this doesn’t mean the issue has resolved itself. Whenever this occurs, turn off the outlet via the breaker and call a licensed Kansas City electrician.

The outlet is hot to the touch

This could be caused by a variety of issues.

  • Damaged outlets
  • Powerstrip overload
  • Too many devices at once
  • AC/DC transformers

Call an electrician in Kansas City to find the source of the problem.

Learn more about the 5 signs your electrical outlets are unsafe

Signs that You Have Hazardous Electrical Problems

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, electrical malfunctions are one of the top four causes of house fires in the U.S. That’s why it’s incredibly important to always catch home electrical problems before it’s too late.

Flickering lights

Your lights shouldn’t be flickering, unless you have a ghost… just kidding! 👻

But seriously, flickering lights are a cause for your attention. It may indicate a power surge from the system being too strained by high-powered appliances. Consider updating your electrical wiring to avoid future issues.

Strange odors

A burning smell is alarming and shouldn’t be coming from any of your outlets. If it’s happening, immediately unplug everything and call a Kansas City electrician. You should also follow the same process if your electrical panel has a burning odor.

Tingly to the touch

If you touch your appliances or light switches and feel a mild shock or tingling, reach out to a licensed electrician.

This isn’t the same thing as being shocked by a doorknob from your carpet’s static electricity  (which isn’t a cause for concern). If you’d like to lower static electricity in your home, we recommend using a humidifier to moisten the air.

Regularly tripping the breakers

Breaker circuits trip when they get overloaded; it’s their job and a safety measure to combat fires. If your breaker shuts off a lot, it may not just be because of an appliance. An underlying home electrical problem may be the cause, so get an inspection!

More details on common signs you have hazardous home electrical problems in Kansas City

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Our Professional Technicians

Our technicians and staff have earned us excellent ratings on Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and other online platforms. Professionalism, hard work, a positive attitude, and responsiveness are what Santa Fe Air electricians are known for across hundreds of reviews. Our techs are nerds; they know and care about the details and processes to get things done right the first time.

We take the time to answer any customer questions and educate customers on wiring issues, updates, and cost. We don’t want you to feel left in the dark at any point during the process of updating or repairing your home’s electrical wiring.

After your service, we don’t just say “Okay goodbye forever!” Instead, we make a list of your preferences for future service. This includes information such as wanting the same technician, pets to be aware of, and other details to customize your service for your needs. 🗒️

COVID-19 Procedures

Our team at Santa Fe Air cares deeply for the well-being and safety of our customers. Below are general procedures for what to expect during your home appointment regarding COVID-19.

  • If a technician has a known illness or is showing signs of illness, the technician is not sent to customers’ homes or businesses.
  • Technicians will wear a mask by customer request.
  • No contact: No shaking hands, technicians wear shoe covers, and clean/sanitize any surfaces they touch during the visit.
  • Technicians may request verbal permission to sign documents on your behalf to limit contact.

We ask that if you or anyone in your household is showing signs of illness to please reschedule your appointment.

Why You Should Choose Santa Fe Air

Our goal isn’t to upsell and make the most money off of unknowing customers. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our slogan “making people comfortable since 1987” makes our priorities known.

Even though 1987 doesn’t seem far off for many of us, stunningly it means that Santa Fe Air has been making customers happy in their homes for THIRTY-THREE years. That’s right. We’re in the dirty thirties club and proud of it. (We also happen to be the same age as the forever-running television show, The Simpsons– Cowabunga!) These three decades have given us the experience needed to be the best support for our customers all year round.

We want home comfort to be as accessible as possible for everyone. That’s why we prioritize financing as an option for our customers worried about wiring repair and update costs in Kansas City. We get that repairing or replacing wiring issues wasn’t necessarily in your budget. We provide low monthly payment options, short-term loans, and a full menu of other payment options. Santa Fe Air offers wiring repair and updates near you by serving areas in Kansas City, Johnson County, and more.