Do I Need a Whole-House Air Purifier?

For those searching for the best of the best for home air purification systems, then you may have your eyes out for ultraviolet purifiers. 

But seriously, do UV air purifiers actually work? 

Our team at Santa Fe Air gets this question all the time. The truth is (drumroll please…), as long as you buy a high-quality purifier, then yes, UV air purifiers definitely work! Just keep reading to learn more about how UV purifiers work and what they can do to maximize your indoor air quality

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How do UV air purifiers work?

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Oftentimes, you add an UV air purifier to an electric purification system, giving your whole-house purifier an extra boost. These purifiers focus more on organic pollutants like bacteria and fungus (things that could really make you sick). As a result, you get the added benefit of attacking living organisms swarming through your air. 

Let’s talk about how this happens. If you don’t already know, natural UV rays come from the sun. They’re those harmful wavelengths that can damage your skin and cause all kinds of nasty side effects (BTW…wear your sunscreen!). Even though UV light can harm our bodies, they can also do the same to organic pollutants. In fact, since they’re so small, ultraviolet radiation actually harms things like bacteria way more than us—so long!  

While UV purifiers are a great way to eliminate contaminants, don’t let it be the only way you take care of them. You should always ensure you are checking humidity levels and properly sealing your home to prevent microscopic organisms from infiltrating your space. 

Our top pick: Ultramax Germicidal UV Light

If you don’t know which UV light option to choose, our experts at Santa Fe Air love the Ultramax Germicidal UV Light. Not only does it kill viruses, bacteria, and mold in the air, it can also clear them away from the surfaces inside your home.

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