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Preventative Maintenance
Spring cleaning tips: how to dust your home like a pro! How to change the water panel on your whole house humidifier Science says this temperature is best for sleep How your A/C can make you sick How to get rid of dust (instead of moving it around) Where is the best place to put a carbon monoxide detector in your home? Is your furnace drying out your skin? How to replace an Aprilaire 2200 2400 media air filter How your duct work design influences heating efficiency Who else wants to banish high humidity out of their entire home? Home air filters: a simple buyers guide 3 reasons why you're A/C is the perfect breeding ground for mold Dryer sheets and allergies: An allergy sufferer's worst nightmare? 5 scary facts about your home's air- and how to improve it! Why most air fresheners aren't a good idea for your home How your gas furnace can poison you (and how to prevent it) Have dry, scratchy skin? Why your home's air ins't helping How to accidentally kill your home's air conditioner The scary thing Thanksgiving dinner does to your home's air Simplify your spring cleaning with this thermostat trick! 4 DIY tips to dehumidify your home's air this summer 3 easy ways to reduce allergies this spring Why you should wash your A/C's outside unit before summer starts 4 ways to prevent a costly water heater burst Why money-smart people schedule heat pump maintenance right now! How often should my air ducts be cleaned? 5 ways to accidentally void your A/C's warranty How to quickly prepare your home's air conditioner for summer (TO-DO List) Don't make these 2 dangerous mistakes if your A/C breaker trips this summer Make sure your spring to-do list includes your A/C! The biggest A/C maintenance lie homeowners fall for Stay on top of your preventative maintenance, or your equipment could let you down How to avoid A/C repair scams in the Kansas City area. 5 heating/cooling maintenance excuses that cost you hundreds each year 3 sure-fire signs your furnace needs professional maintenance--pronto 3 chilly reasons why your furnace will blow cold air this winter How to prevent these 3 deadly gas furnace problems How to freeze-proof your pipes 3 mistakes that will break your home air conditioner Dirty air filter: how it will kill your home's air conditioner! Your heat pump: a nine-point checklist to keep it in tip-top shape Humidifier care and cleaning tips Protect your ECM blower motor 4 ways to prevent furnace fails (so you don't freeze this fall) How to prevent funky furnace failures Time to renew your planned maintenance? Insider tip: why smart homeowners get A/C maintenance now! How often do A/C's need to be serviced? Is a furnace inspection worth it? How to keep your HVAC system in good shape for 2019 Why smart homeowners get A/C maintenance in the Spring If your A/C breaks down, try these 5 DIY fixed How to choose a good HVAC contractor in Kansas City How long should an A/C run to cool the house? 4 things you should do before turning the heat on How often does a gas furnace need to be serviced? 4 ways to prevent an A/C breakdown this Summer! 6 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair | Kansas City Heating Specialists