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Energy Efficiency
4 signs your A/C is losing efficiency (and costing you $$$) 3 thermostat mistakes that are costing you extra money this summer! Chance to win $100 and 2 club level seats at the Chief's game! What's "Market Price" mean for R-22 refrigerant? 6 common energy wasters that cost you more than $770 a year 6 ways to stay cool...and use your A/C less! ON vs. AUTO: One of those thermostat settings costs you money Here is why your home's duct work could be leaking money! When should I set my thermostat to 'Emergency Heat'? 3 silly myths you believe about how to stay warm Why you're paying way, way, WAY too much on your heating bill Is it cheaper to turn the heat down at home before I go to work? Weatherstripping: Lower your heating cost Retiring your A/C for the season How insulation R-Values impact efficiency 5 fun online tools you can use to cut your cooling costs! Homeowners beware! Some A/C companies use propane and dangerous refrigerants... Should you turn off your A/C while on vacation? Back-to-School thermostat settings for lower electric bills 5 ways to lower heating bills--each take 1 minute or less! The 4 most common home insulation problems in Kansas City homes Save $947 this year with these 3 easy New Year's resolutions! How to stop fighting over the thermostat's temperature setting How to find and seal costly drafts in your home 3 nasty consequences of closing air vents in unused rooms Should you turn off your furnace when you go to sleep? Emergency heat vs. auxiliary heat: Why you need to know the difference! How long does a central A/C unit last in Kansas City? What temperature do I set my A/C to when I'm on vacation? This summer ceiling fan myth is costing you $165!! This temperature helps you save money and burn calories! How do I reduce static electricity in my house? Love is in the air: The perfect temperature for romance...movies. 3 A/C myths that raise your electricity bill Change your HVAC filter this often to save $$$ How to keep heating bills low during Kansas City winters Heading out of town for the holidays? Here are 3 reasons you don't want to turn your heating system off! 3 inexpensive fixes to keep your HVAC system energy-efficient in 2019 3 ways to stay warm (on the cheap) this Valentine's Day! Cut your summer energy bills using this color of drape! 12 Home Improvement Gifts for Tech Lovers in Kansas City Where Should I Put My Wi-fi Thermostat? Kansas City Smart Home Experts Winter Home Humidity in Kansas City  How to Lower Your Utility Bill This Winter | Kansas City Heating Experts Winter HVAC Tips to Maximize Your Heating System | Kansas City Heating Experts What is a Home Energy Management System in Kansas City? How Does Dual-Fuel Heating Work? | Kansas City Heating Specialists Why is My Room So Hot?: How to Fix Hotspots in Your House