Be Thankful for Your Furnace This Thanksgiving

Getting ready for a holiday meal takes precision planning to make sure everyone’s favorite food was included (even the vegans), the house is spotless, and that no one was accidently left off the guest list. You just spent hours in the kitchen and the time has come to gather around the dining room table to enjoy the feast that has been prepared.

Uncle Bob is calling dibs on both turkey legs just like he does every year. Your Sister-in-law mentions that the meal looks lovely, but they stopped at some friends on their way over and ate, so they are not hungry. And your brother is pouting because his girlfriend was not able to come.

At this point you might find it difficult to come up with things to be grateful for when it’s your turn to express thanks. Thankfully for you, Santa Fe Air Conditioning will give you 3 reasons to be thankful for your furnace this Thanksgiving.

A Happy Sister

Your sister is always cold—and she will complain that she is cold every time she comes over. Even the 4 layers of clothes she is wearing will not provide the warmth needed to make her happy. Luckily you had a new Zoned Heating and Cooling system with a Smart thermostat installed this year and you can put her in the family room and crank the heat to 80 degrees, with no danger of anyone else having a heat stroke.

Warmth After the Game

After dinner it is time to move the guests outdoors for the traditional game of touch football. All the “has been” football players are running their famous plays and the touchdowns are plentiful. Happy and cold, you come inside to warm up. It might be 40 degrees outside, but your heating system is purring nicely, warming your toes and ears up quickly.

Crowd Control

You are tired. You just want to relax and enjoy the rest of the day without any more talk of conspiracy theories. But how to politely get everyone to go home? You turn the heat to 90 degrees and sweat them out! Okay, maybe not that hot, but you know your Heating and Cooling system could handle the task because you had experts at Santa Fe Air Conditioning perform maintenance just last month. Relax. Everyone will be gone soon, and this Thanksgiving will be in the history books.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

While these reasons to be thankful for your furnace were made to be silly, you should always look for ways to improve your heating system before winter settles in. The best way to ensure peak performance is to schedule regular maintenance checkups with a qualified HVAC professional.

Peace of mind and security comes from knowing Kansas City’s most trusted HVAC company is taking care of you. Call the experts at Santa Fe Air Conditioning at 913-856-5801 or email us at to schedule your appointment today!

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