6 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair | Kansas City Heating Specialists

Your furnace is a crucial part of keeping your home warm during the freezing Kansas City winter, so it’s important to always keep an eye out on how well it’s working. A poor-functioning furnace not only can stop your home from staying warm, it can also negatively affect your health. To stop this, make sure you’re always looking for signs your furnace needs repair. 

At Santa Fe Air we’re the heating experts in Kansas City who understand that a good furnace is the key to a comfortable winter home. Since 1987, we’ve been installing, repairing, and ensuring that our customer’s furnaces are in tip-top shape. 

Below are 6 signs from the Kansas City Heating Specialists at Santa Fe Air on how to know when your furnace needs repair.

1. Your furnace smells

This goes beyond that smell that your furnace emits when you first turn it on. An initial smell is normal, and should go away as it continues to run. However, if you smell strong fumes of gas or fuel that isn’t going away, that could be a cause of concern. This sometimes happens because of a gas leak, so you definitely need to call your local HVAC professional to check out the problem. 

2. Your furnace makes weird noises

There’s always going to be some kind of noise surrounding your furnace, but one of the signs you need a repair are loud clanks, pops, bangs, and booms. You don’t want your furnace making strange sounds in the night, and it could lead to even bigger problems if you don’t get it assessed. 

3. Your furnace is accumulating dust

A well-working furnace is supposed to filter air so that your indoor air quality is up to par. But if you notice dust coming out of ducts or surrounding the furnace, that could signal that the filter isn’t doing its job anymore. Clean air is important to keep you and your family healthy and safe. Sometimes the issue can be solved by simply changing the air filter. Other times, you might need an HVAC professional to do some in-depth duct cleaning. 

4. Your furnace pilot light is yellow

If your furnace is functioning properly, the pilot light will be blue. A yellow light, however, is usually an indication that there’s an underlying problem like poor ventilation. Oftentimes excess carbon monoxide will cause that blue color to change. This is something you should call a Kansas City heating specialist about right away. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can do major harm to you and your family. 

5. Your furnace isn’t heating your home

One of the biggest signs that your furnace needs repair is that your house is cold despite cranking up the heat. This leads to high energy bills that nobody wants to have. Instead of paying a huge bill with no payoff, schedule a repair from a heating specialist and get ahead of your furnace issue. Usually, the problem stems from leaking ductwork and bad thermostats. 

6. Your furnace hasn’t been maintained

You can’t expect to just let your furnace do its job without some kind of maintenance. When was the last time you’ve had an HVAC professional check your furnace? At Santa Fe Air, we recommend annual maintenance for your furnace. For people in the Kansas City and Johnson County areas, we offer furnace and heating pump check-ups to ensure that your heating system is working properly this winter. 

Get your furnace repaired with Santa Fe Air

Whatever your problem may be, our heating experts at Santa Fe Air can help with any signs your furnace needs a repair. We are a group of heating specialists in Kansas City that prides ourselves on giving the best service. With us, you won’t have to worry about a faulty furnace, and you can enjoy all the comfort of a warm and toasty home. 

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