5 heating/cooling maintenance excuses that cost you hundreds each year

Everyone likes saving money. But the one area where homeowners could save hundreds is also where they make the most excuses: heating and air conditioning system maintenance.

Why focus on heating and air conditioning? According to Energystar, it takes up almost 50% ($1,100) of your annual energy costs ($2,200).

So if something simple like maintenance can cut $100’s off your energy costs, then we need to cut through the excuses we use to keep us from it.

Here are 5 excuses we hear often and some solutions to counter them.

1) “I can’t remember to change my air filter”

A blocked air filter not only increases your energy bill, but it can also lead your heating/air conditioning system to an early breakdown. So take some effort to remember!

Easy-peasy solution: Use your smartphone’s calendar app to send you a reminder to check your air filter once a month. Or just leave a sticky note somewhere you’ll notice it. Or use a free online service like remindeo.

2) “Nothing is wrong with my furnace or air conditioner”

That’s the beauty of professional preventative maintenance, it KEEPS your furnace or air conditioner from having something wrong with it.

Think of it like this: do you get an oil change when your car starts making a grinding noise? No? So why wait till something is wrong with your air conditioner or furnace until you have someone check it out?

Just like you need to change your car oil every 3000-5000 miles, your heating and air conditioning systems need professional maintenance at least once a year.

This will help maintain their efficiency and prevent costly breakdowns, saving you loads of money.

3) “I’m not sure when my system needs professional maintenance”

Here you go:

Furnace: Beginning of fall (September)
Air conditioner: Beginning of spring (March)

Now you know. And knowledge is power. Again, use your smartphone or sticky notes to remind you when to get annual maintenance.

4) “I can’t afford yearly professional maintenance”

This is one of those “pay it now or pay it later” circumstances. Either you pay for a maintenance visit now, or you’ll pay more through higher energy bills and premature breakdowns.

Professional maintenance also extends the total lifespan of the system, putting off buying a new one for several years. Also, many contractors offer maintenance plans that come with discounts on repairs and upgrades. This makes the make the maintenance visits more affordable in the long run.

5) “I’m not sure who to trust for professional maintenance”

Don’t let paralysis by analysis of who to trust prevent you from saving money.

Check out the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)’s article Choosing the Right Contractor. It will help you see what to look for in quality contractor so you won’t have to worry about getting ripped off.

Save the excuses–save loads of money

Listen, we could all use a few bucks to spend on something nice. So invest a little time and money maintaining your system. You’ll save way more in the long run that way.

For more advice on maintaining your equipment, ask our experts for help.

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