4 Furnace Mistakes You Should Avoid to Save Money

Everyone makes mistakes—we’re human. But when it comes to your heating system, small mishaps could end up costing you hundreds (maybe even thousands!). 

Fortunately, our expert team at Santa Fe Air have basically seen it all throughout the years. From our experience, here are a few common furnace mistakes you should avoid to help you save money each winter. 

1. Setting your thermostat too high

Yes, it’s going to get cold during the winter; no, you probably don’t want to set your thermostat to 80 degrees. When you set your thermostat too high, your furnace will have to run longer and harder to reach the temperature. That means it may not last as long and you’ll run up your energy bill. 

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2. Heating unused rooms

There is no point in blasting heat in a room you aren’t using. A great way to avoid this problem is by getting a zoning system. That way you can control the temperature of different zones. If one area (such as the attic) doesn’t need as much heat, then you cut its temperature without making the rest of the house too cold. 

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3. Not changing the heat setting when you leave

It’s typically a good idea to lower your heat when no one is home. You don’t want your heat blasting for no reason. For example, if you usually keep your heat at 68 degrees in the winter, reduce the temperature to 60 to 65 degrees when you’re at work. We highly recommend getting a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat to do all the hard work for you. 

4. Waiting until the last minute to buy a furnace

Imagine this: You’ve decided to test your luck with an older furnace, but by December it completely stops working. Now you have to get a new furnace when everyone else is doing the same thing. As a result, you may have to pocket out a lot more money. 

We’ve got a better idea. Plan ahead and buy a furnace before the current one shows signs of breaking down. We highly recommend getting one in the fall or spring. 

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