Save $947 this year with these 3 easy New Year’s resolutions!

“Save money/spend less” is often one of the top 10 new years resolutions. But only 8% of people keep their news year’s resolutions.

Why? Because the resolutions are usually unreasonable or too complex.

With that in mind, we want to give you some easy new years resolutions that will save you serious money. And by “easy” we mean they are “one and done.” Do them and you just have to wait for the sweet smell of energy savings.

1) “I will install a programmable thermostat and use it correctly”

Annual savings: Up to $180

Did you know that the average home pays about $1,012 a year on heating and cooling?
But you can cut about $180 off that every year by installing a programmable thermostat and setting it properly, according to ENERGY STAR.

That $180 will pay for the thermostat itself and then some! Imagine how much you’ll save several years from now.

Here’s a quick programmable thermostat buyer’s guide from Home Depot to get you started.

2) “I will turn down the thermostat setting on my water heater”

Annual savings: Up to $461
Did you know that most water heaters are shipped from the manufacturer at a temperature setting of 140 degrees F? This is too way hot and can scald you in about 5 seconds, according to

It’s also a big money waster. You’re losing “$36 to $61 annually in standby heat losses and more than $400 in demand losses,” according to ENERGY STAR. They recommend setting the thermostat to about 120 degrees F.

Warning: Water heaters are set at 140 degrees F to prevent bacteria that cause Legionnaires disease from growing in the tank. However,  you most likely won’t be affected unless you have a weak immune system. So if you have any elderly in your home or anyone in your family has a weak immune system, we suggest skipping this suggestion.

3) “I will add weatherstripping to old doors and windows”

Annual savings: Up to $306

Don’t let heated and cooled air escape from the gaps in your doors and windows. it causes your furnace and air conditioner run longer to keep you comfortable, running up your energy bills.

Seal those gaps with weatherstripping. This will reduce your heating and cooling bills by 15% to 30%, according to That’s about $152 to $306 off your annual energy costs.

Your grand total is…

Tallying everything up, you can save up to $947 this year! Of course, your mileage may vary based on your energy use. But the savings will be there. Use that extra money to buy yourself something nice!

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