How to avoid A/C repair scams in the Kansas City area.

Does your air conditioner need to be repaired? I’m sure you’re tempted to find an air conditioner repairman quickly so you can escape the heat.

But hold on!

If you’re not careful, you may end up getting scammed and pay hundreds more than you need to.

So take a minute to read this article on how to avoid air conditioner repair scams.

Beware of those who use high pressure sales tactics

“Scammers may push more costly repairs than are needed, overcharge you for parts, or use high-pressure tactics to sell you a new air conditioner instead of doing a repair,” said Claire Rosenzweig, President and CEO of the Metro New York BBB.

Run away from contractors that say your air conditioner “used up” Freon/refrigerant

An air conditioner is not like a car that uses up gas. An air conditioner just circulates the refrigerant around. If you need more refrigerant, then you probably have a leak in the system (or someone is stealing it).

A scammer won’t tell you that and will be happy to keep charging you hundreds for more refrigerant.

Always get a written request

Make sure you get written notes about your air conditioner’s problem and an estimated cost to repair it.

Once you have this you can get multiple quotes (we suggest 3) to compare prices. You also see if the repair suggestions are legitimate or if they are just trying to pinch every penny out of your bank account.

Know what a quality A/C repair company looks like

Here’s your most important takeaway from this article: Once you know what a professional A/C repair company looks like, you’ll avoid unscrupulous people who are likely to scam you.

A quality air conditioner contractor will:

  • Have consistently good reviews
  • Have a good BBB rating
  • Be insured
  • Hire NATE-certified technicians
  • Survey the problem and then give an estimate, not vice versa
  • Be transparent and upfront about why something needs to be repaired
  • Work locally in an office, not out of his or her home.

Ask any air conditioning company you’re considering using about these things.

Remember, you’re the boss. It’s you money that’s on the line here. So don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you need.

Call a trusted Kansas City-area air conditioning repair company

If your air conditioner needs repairing, don’t take a risk with an unknown name.

Contact the air conditioning company that people in the Kansas-city area know and trust for their cooling and heating needs.