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WI-FI Enabled Thermostats for Summer Comfort!

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Thermostats have come a long way baby! Back in the old days they would only turn the system off or on. Then they progressed to programming the time that they would turn the system off and on. Now you can remotely monitor and manage your cooling and heating system from your PC, your tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the world!

Wi-Fi thermostats are the perfect answer for busy families on the go. Your schedules are constantly changing and a programmable stat just can’t keep up with you anymore. Imagine driving 3 hours to get to the lake house on the weekend and being able to remotely turn the air conditioner on so when you arrive the temperature is perfect. What a great way to save money by not having to condition the air when you are not there. Another great feature of having this type of thermostat is it can alert you when your system in not operating as expected, giving you time to resolve the issue prior to ruining an event or causing inconvenience

With a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat you can add a wireless indoor Air Sensor that will give you the ability to change the sensing location of your thermostat, giving you greater control over a room’s temperature. There is also an outdoor Air Sensor that sends a signal to the thermostat that will enable the stat to display both the outdoor temperature and the humidity right on the screen. They even have a remote control that gives you the freedom to make changes from anywhere in your home. Although, I can’t image ever using it, if you are in to gadgets, you should probably get one! Some brands keep a searchable history of the past 250 thermostat setting changes and 25 alerts which can help the service company determine if the issue is a system error or just an operator one.

Keeping cool and not having to break the bank with high utility bills are always on our minds this time of year, and Wi-Fi thermostats might just be the answer for your family.